Heat Transfer

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About the Instructor

The instructor is from Math Arena.The instructor is absolutely passionate about teaching and you'll find the lessons engaging and ultimately rewarding.


This course is targeted at Singapore Cambridge GCE O level students, but is also relevant to IGCSE students and Singapore's Integrated program students.

Have you tried to enjoy an ice cream on a hot day only to discover that it melts way too fast? How would you make the ice cream last longer? This video course covers the basics of how heat moves from one place to another and might just give some ideas on how to slow down this process to keep your dessert nice and frosty.

Course Content

You will learn:

  • How heat is transferred in solids
  • How heat is transferred in fluids
  • How heat is transferred in practically nothing at all (outer space)
  • How to speed up and slow down heat transfer
  • How a thermos flask works
  • Cool stuff!
  • Hot stuff!

A link to the full O level Physics syllabus can be found here

Course Prerequisites

You will need to know:

Course Contents

38 Videos
1 Text

Course Curriculum